Services and Fees

Sometimes people find it difficult to leave their homes due to chronic illness or disabling condition (including mental illness).

My standard rate for individual  in-home services is $115 per hour. This rate reflects my travel time and mileage.

In-home family therapy is $180 for 90-minute session within the bounds of 520 to the north, western shore of Lake Washington on the east, I-5 on the west, and Henderson Street on the south.

This roughly encompasses the following neighborhoods: Montlake, Madison Valley, Capitol Hill, First Hill, Central District, Mount Baker, Leschi, Madrona, Columbia City, Hillman City, Rainier Valley, Othello, New Holly, Seward Park, and northern Rainier Beach.

All in-home services require at least one prior in office appointment. Thank you for respecting this requirement as it exists for my safety as a mental health professional working in the community. 

Most in-home services are eligible for insurance coverage. Specific coverage may depend on your insurance plan.

I am contracted as an in-network provider for Premera, LifeWise, TriCare, United, DSHS/Apple Health, Amerigroup, Community Health Plan of Washington, Coordinated Care, Molina, and United Behavioral Health community plans. Most insurances will cover me as an out-of-network provider. 

It is crucial that you speak with your health insurance company to find out whether my services are covered, at what rate, and the amount of your deductible, copay, and/or coinsurance. You will be billed for any non-covered amounts and I would prefer you not get any nasty surprises.

Deductibles, copays, and coinsurance amounts can be paid with pre-tax FLEX accounts.

All services can be paid without insurance and may be eligible for a discount.

Due to the volume of Medicaid and Apple Health insurance clients I serve, I am unable to offer a sliding scale or reduced fee rate at this time.  I am happy to recommend other sources for low-cost therapy options in the area.

In Office

Seattle Geek* Therapy

In Home

Seattle Geek* Therapy

For the traditionalist who likes the safety and predictability of going to a reliable place that is set aside from their day-to-day life, therapy in my office can be a reliable option.

My standard rate for individual office-based work is $100 per hour.

Periodically I offer groups for children, teens, and adults. Deposits and per session rates will be listed along with information about the group.


Psychotherapy's present form tends to be a 50-minute hour in the therapist's office once a week. This length of time, location, and frequency of meetings are more or less arbitrary built around the convenience of the consultant, reinforced by media portrayals that have been heavily influenced by Freudian psychoanalytic practice, aka "the couch."

But times keep changing and the practice of psychotherapy needs to keep evolving in order to stay relevant.

To this end, I offer a range of options that reflect both best and emerging practices for contemporary psychotherapy.

Many services can be offered independent of location. Approaches designed to increase insight or develop skills can happen just about anywhere there is enough privacy and safety. Some approaches, particularly effective treatments for anxieties and phobias, include community-based components. Some people prefer to have therapy come to them in home. Others techniques that require specialized equipment or space like play therapy, art therapy, or group therapy happen best in my office. And for the busy person who likes having a "therapist in your pocket", who travels often, doesn't have time to get to an office, or has so much difficulty imagining talking about things out loud, online therapy is an increasingly viable option. Each circumstance offers benefits and drawbacks. I would be happy to talk about your needs in a free 20 minute phone consultation.