I use TalkSpace to deliver online therapy.

TalkSpace is HIPAA compliant text, voice, and video therapy available to self-paying clients 18 years or older. Insurance typically does not cover this type of therapy.

TalkSpace has several different packages that are built around your needs.

I have followed trends in online therapy since 2003. After researching  and trying a few different platforms, I settled on TalkSpace because I find the company to have a high degree of clinical and business acumen, and treats their clients and clinicians ethically.

If you are ready to check out TalkSpace, this link will take you to my room at TalkSpace.

Seattle Geek* Therapy

in person or online

Smart people try to fix things ourselves. Often we find things that work. And sometimes we get stuck. When this happens, it can help to consult a pro instead of assuming you just have to live with it the way it is.

Here are some of the challenges I help teens and adults address:

  • depression and bipolar disorder
  • anxiety, panic, OCD, excoriation (skin picking),  trichotillomania (hair pulling)
  • PTSD and traumatic events
  • lack of motivation
  • difficulty making decisions
  • loneliness, existential angst
  • uncertainty about life choices
  • managing difficult relationships with family members 
  • having a hard time making and keeping friends and intimate relationships
  • executive functioning, non-verbal learning disorders
  • suicidal thoughts and trying to make yourself dead
  • self harming behaviors
  • self medicating with drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, online gaming, etc.
  • disordered eating that does not require medical management

​​​I'm not a geek. Can you still help me?

Online Therapy

Teens and Adults

Seattle Geek* Therapy 

counseling serices

*also helping nerds, dweebs, dorks, gamers, browncoats, and bronies.
Teens and Adults
Kids are some of my favorite people! I help nerdy parents and geeky kids feel more at ease with each other and themselves.

Some of the problems I can help with are:

  • worries, fears, and sadness
  • trouble sleeping, bad dreams
  • getting in fights with other kids
  • having a hard time listening and following directions at home and school
  • spending too much time playing video games
  • not wanting or refusing to go to school
  • not wanting to eat, eating too much, eating things that aren't food, or only eating certain foods
  • having a hard time peeing or pooping in the right place
  • dealing with a big life change
  • being adopted or having been in foster care
  • being sick with something that takes a lot of medical care
  • having something really scary happen like being in an accident, fire, or being hurt by another kid or a grown up
Teens and Adults
Children and Youth

 Of course!

As a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) my training and experience have let me develop skills to help people  of all ages in many kinds of different situations, figuring out lots of different kinds of problems.

One of my favorite kinds of work is helping people adjust to life during or after a significant illness, injury, or traumatic event. I also have worked with people who experience acute as well as chronic mental health issues.

​Let's talk about what you need and how I might be of assistance.

Hi there. My name is Robin.

I help people feel and function better.

Call, text, or email for a free 20 minute consultation to see if Seattle Geek Therapy is a good fit for your needs.